Phil E. Quinn

What customers are saying about Release Point

The perfect "feel good" book!

As a former middle school teacher and adult literacy/GED teacher, this is an awesome read on several levels. The fact that it's about female athletes fills a niche that has long been overlooked. My adults learners would love this book because the characters are believable and the plot moves at an exciting pace, a must to keep them wanting to read. Any female, athlete or not, would find RELEASE POINT intertaining and relevant because it's also a story about friendships, enemies, family dynamics, and personal loss and redemption. You can't help but feel good after reading it. I hope there is a sequel! This is a story where I'm not ready to say goodbye to the characters yet.

- DMParmer, Amazon customer

Wonderful Book for the Whole Family!

This is a wonderful story with competitive grit, true sportsmanship and an inspirational message! I loved the character development, especially the spirit and unwavering friendship of the catcher! Couldn't put the book down and can't wait for the sequel!

- David J Hildebrand, Amazon customer

An Uplifting Story Well Told

I read this fascinating book straight through. Just couldn't put it down. Great story with strong characters and a powerful message every parent and player of youth sports should read. A much needed and deserved uplift for female athletes. Once in a great while something comes along that changes the way we look at life, others, ourselves. This may be one of those times. Can't wait for a sequel. Does anybody else see a movie in this book?

- Waln K. Brown, Ph.D., CEO the William Gladden Foundation Press, Amazon customer

Great Book!,

What an uplifting story with a great message. Don't miss this one, great read for anyone. Can't wait for the sequel!!!

- Mhk57, Amazon customer


I'm a former softball player (played for 15 years) and I can't tell you how much I loved this book! It was a blast from the past and brought back memories from some of the best times in my life. A MUST READ FOR ANY SOFTBALL PLAYER/LOVER!

- cjqt1224, Amazon customer